honorary cabinet

Doug DeVos – co-chair
Jim Hackett– co-chair
Hank Meijer– co-chair
Bob and Shelly Corl
Dave and Karen Custer
Mike Faas
David and Judy Frey
Steve and Brenda Heacock
Win and Kyle Irwin
Mike and Sue Jandernoa

Jim and Amy Keane
John and Nancy Kennedy
Bill and India Manns
Tim and Karen O’Donovan
Bill Strickland
Mike VanGessel
Teresa Weatherall Neal
Jane Welch
Kate Pew Wolters
Elizabeth Welch

operational cabinet

Brian Cloyd – co-chair
Nancy Hickey – co-chair
John Abodeeley
Keith Brophy
Clif Charles
Tripp Corl
Bruce Courtade
Tom DeMeester
Paul Doyle
Steve Ender
Lisa Freiburger

Tracey Hornbeck
Roger Jansen
Bob Krestakos
Garrick Rochow
Kathy Sylvester
Beth Taylor
Craig Tiggleman
Lauren Walker
Mike Walton
Floyd Wilson